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Draper NDT is expanding to supply resources, equipment and supplies to NDT professionals. Please contact us for a quote on any materials you need. We are able to get almost anything NDT related from a variety of manufacturers, and also manufacture some ourselves. Mag consumables



Summary of Changes to NAS410 Rev. 4
Revision 4 of NAS410 was released in December of 2014. There were many changes made in this revision. We have gone thru the previous revision and the new revision, recording every change made. This document starts with a summary of the major changes that will have the most impact on the NDT industry. It then provides a table listing all changes, including reference paragraphs.

This document can save you hours of combing thru the standards yourself.

$ 10.00 USD



Contact Block; use for attaching cable wraps and other accessories to bench unit.
New, Made in USA
Contact Block for Magnaflux Bench Unit
$ 110.00 USD    Contact Block for using cables on bench type mag machine.

Magnaflux Coil for Bench Unit
12″ Inside Diameter coil for bench unit. $ 950.00 USD