MT – Magnetic Particle Testing References

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Common ASTM Standard: ASTM E 1444-12

Summary of changes to E1444-12

Additional Help – ASTM E125

  • Visible Light Intensity – 100 fc (1,076 lx) minimum at the part surface, check weekly
  • Ambient Light Intensity (when using fluorescent particles) – 2 fc (22 lx) maximum at the part surface, check weekly
  • Black Light Intensity – 1,000 µW/cm² at 15 inches, check daily
  • Test Part or Ketos Ring – Check Daily
  • Wet Particle Concentration – Check every 8 hours or shift change
  • Wet Particle Contamination – Contamination must be less that 30%, Check weekly
  • Water Break Test (for water based carriers) – Check Daily


Six Month Calibrations

  • Ammeter*
  • Shot Timer*
  • Quick Break*
  • Light Meters
  • Gauss Meter
  • Yoke Dead Weight

* Draper NDT can perform the Ammeter, Shot Timer and Quick Break calibrations on your machine.

Amperage Formulas
The Amperage level must always be verified with a hall effect gauss meter or QQI’s

  • Head Shot (direct, circular)

           300-800 Amps per inch of diameter or cross section of the part.Mag Indication of Heat Treat Crack

  • Offset Central Conductor (induced, circular)

           outside diameter of the part + (wall thickness x 2) x 500 Amps

  • Coil Shot (induced, longitudinal)